Initials On Fine Linen


Initials On Fine Linen

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Single letter initial linens make perfect gifts. Individual letters are embroidered by hand in a rich tone of ecru on white fabric and finished with Italian “Giggluccio” borders. The ecru colored embroidery coordinates with most china patterns and is the ideal neutral color for gift giving. We offer every letter in the alphabet.

Guest towels come individually packaged with a hang tag, placed on a card and covered with a clear plastic sleeve. Our “Heart of Hearts” guest towels are a wonderful way to profess a couple’s devotion when hung in between their two first-name initial letters.  Our “Ampersand” guest towel is another way to bring the couple together.

Cocktail squares come gift packaged on a card, in sets of four napkins, tied with white satin ribbon. They are covered with a clear plastic sleeve and come with a hang tag.

We also offer complete sets of the most common letters in both guest towels and cocktail napkin squares. These sets are priced at a 20% discount.

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4300-GTInitial Guest Towel (Please state desired initials)$14.00$6.006
4302-GTHeart of Hearts Guest Towel (To compliment initials)$14.00$6.006
4301-GTAmpersand Guest Towel, (To compliment initials)$14.00$6.006
4300-SQInitial Cocktail Squares (Please state desired initial)$24.00$6.006
4300-GTCPPack of 11 Guest Towels, One Each D-R-J-T-C-A-M-E-L-S-BN/A$53.006