Polka Dot Linens


Polka Dot Linens

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Our whimsical polka dot linens are embroidered entirely by hand. They are embroidered with like colored threads so they can be mixed and matched. (That’s the fun of it!) All are finished with hand scalloping.

Guest towels are individually packaged and come on a card, tacked with a hang tag and covered with a clear plastic sleeve. Cocktail napkin squares are gift packaged in sets of four, tied with white satin ribbon and placed on a card. They are covered with a clear plastic sleeve complete with a hang tag. 

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4228G-GTPink Dots on Green Linen Guest Towels$15.00$6.506
4228G-SQPink Dots on Green Linen Cocktail Napkin Squares$22.00$10.006
4228P-GTGreen Dots on Pink Linen Guest Towels$15.00$6.506
4228P-SQGreen Dots on Pink Linen Cocktail Napkin Squares$22.00$10.006
4228Y-GTBlue Dots on Yellow Linen Guest Towels$15.00$6.506
4228Y-SQBlue Dots on Yellow Linen Cocktail Napkin Squares$22.00$10.006
4228B-GTGreen Dots on Blue Linen Guest Towels$15.00$6.506
4228B-SQGreen Dots on Blue Linen Cocktail Napkin Squares$22.00$10.006