Hand Hemstitched Italian Linen


Hand Hemstitched Italian Linen

from 18.00

Our classic hand-hemstitched linens are made with heavier Italian linen fabric. Its weight is perfect for monogramming yet it has a lovely, soft hand. We add two beads of reinforced machine stitching so it can stand up to commercial laundering. A romancing insert with laundering instructions is included.

6X6 Cocktail squares $18.00 Dz

5x8 Classic Cocktail Napkins $18.00 Dz

12x12 Classic Tea Napkins $36.00 Dz

18x18 Luncheon Napkins $60.00 Dz

22x22 Dinner Napkins $84.00 Dz

24x24 Banquet Napkins $96.00 Dz

27x27 Oversized Napkins $108.00 Dz

Placemats (14x20) $60.00 Dz

Guest Towels (14x22) $60.00 Dz

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