Hand Hemstitched Italian Linen


Hand Hemstitched Italian Linen

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Our classic hand-hemstitched line is made with heavier linen fabric, from Italian yarns. Its heavier weight is perfect for monogramming yet it has a lovely, soft hand. Wide borders with hand-mitered corners allow our linens to lie flat without puckering. We add two beads of reinforced machine stitching above and below the row of hemstitching. This prevents threads from breaking so it can even stand up to commercial laundering. A romancing insert with laundering instructions is included. Freshly ironed and gift packaged, our linens are ready for gift giving and for immediate use.

6X6 Cocktail squares $2.50 Ea

5x8 Classic Cocktail Napkins $3.50 Ea

12x12 Classic Tea Napkins $5.50 Ea

18x18 Luncheon Napkins $10.00 Ea

22x22 Dinner Napkins $15.00 Ea

24x24 Banquet Napkins $17.00 Ea

27x27 Oversized Napkins $24.00 Ea

Placemats (14x20) $8.00 Ea

Guest Towels (14x22) $10.00 Ea

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